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Overseas Sales
Work requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of experience in export business team management.
2, familiar with the export process, with practical experience.
3, proficient in foreign trade processes, good customer communication and negotiation skills.
4, new customer development and large customer management capabilities mature career development concept and values.
5, strong system ability, strong execution ability and strong compression ability. Overseas sales manager
Overseas sales manager
Work requirements
1, bachelor degree or above, English can be used as a daily working language, good spoken English.
2, more than two years of foreign trade business experience, familiar with foreign trade procedures.
3, with affinity, good team spirit and mature attitude; willing to communicate with others, love export work.
4, strong communication and coordination ability, can withstand certain sales pressure.
5, familiar with B2B marketing platform, with practical operation experience R & D manager 2017-04-27
R&D manager
description of job
1. Responsible for the new program of new technology pre-research, including selecting projects, completing and verifying the design.
2. Ability to convert new technologies, new circuits or software into standard designs.
3. Coordinate the organization to solve the technical problems of the new and old products of the R&D department.
4, responsible for technical management of R & D department; software engineer 2017-04-27
software engineer
description of job
1, according to the project requirements, responsible for the microcontroller, STM8, STM32 embedded software development coding debugging work;
2. Participate in the writing and review of relevant technical documents and test standards.


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