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Talent is the most valuable asset of an enterprise and the cornerstone of its development!
We regard each and every colleague as the most important partner and value the opportunity and time to work with each partner.
We provide the overall remuneration of each outstanding colleague and maintain the overall salary above the peer level.
We adhere to the concept of benefit sharing to attract, retain, and motivate outstanding talents in all aspects.
1, salary treatment
1. Fixed salary 12 months + working age salary + double salary at the end of the year*
2. Bonus: business unit business bonus, other department performance bonus
2. Social insurance benefits
From the day of registration, the company began to insure five insurances and one gold for the colleagues in accordance with state regulations.
1. Pension insurance
2. Medical insurance
3. Unemployment insurance
4. Work injury insurance
5. Maternity insurance
6. Housing Provident Fund
3, caring welfare
1. Domestic tourism
2. Funding for etiquette activities in the department
3. Year-end lottery activities
4. Year-end company tail teeth dinner
5. Annual employee medical examination*
*Double pay at the end of the year: those who need to serve the company for one year, less than one year, according to the working time ratio
*Annual employee medical examination: need to serve in the company for one year
The above is a summary of the system. With the development of the company, there may be adjustments and amendments, which are subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Personnel.

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