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Talent is the most important contributory factor to wealth, which builds the cornerstone of enterprise sustainable development.
Regarding every colleague as the most important partner, cherish the opportunity and time to work with each other.
Providing the best overall remuneration for each outstanding colleague and keep it above the level of the same industry.
Upholding the concept of benefit sharing, we are attracting, keeping, cultivating and inspiring all aspects of talent.


1.Regular salary 12months + Seniority Wages + Double salaries at the year-end*
2.Bonus: sales department with business bonus, other departments with performance bonus

2、Social security benefits

In accordance with the state regulations, five one insurance fund will be paid for the staff from the first working day
1.endowment insurance
2.medical insurance
3.unemployment insurance
4.industrial injury insurance
5.maternity insurance 
6.housing accumulation funds.

3、Intimate benefits

1.Annual domestic tourism
2.Financial support for departmental activities
3.Year-end lottery
4.Year-end dinner party
5.Annual physical check*

Double salaries at the year-end* : need to work in the company for one year. If less than one year, will be paid according to the working time ratio.
Annual physical check* : need to work in the company for one year
All the above rules may adjust or amend with the company’s development. More details are subject to HR deparment provisions.