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Software Engineer


Job Requirements

1, according to the project requirements,responsible for single-chip, STM8, STM32 embedded software development coding and debugging work;
2, participate in writing and reviewing the relevant technical documentation and testing standard.

job requirements

1, love software development work,
2, Bachelor degree or above, Major from electronic, electronic information, automation or computer related professional
3, More than 3 years working experience in relevant area
4, skilled at C, C # language.
5, with good communication skills, a proactive attitude and a good team spirit.
6, with strong research and development capabilities and independent work ability, a good programming and technical documentation writing ability.


1, Five social insurance and one housing Fund
2,The industry's competitive basic salary + double pay at the end of the year,
3,Annual salary adjustment according to performance
4,3, five days and a half working per week, annual tourism,legal holidays Location: Near Ban Tian metro station

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